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    Non-Habitual Residency

    Looking to move abroad? There are benefits to relocating and investing in Portugal you may want to consider. Whether for work, leisure or retirement purposes you can apply for Portuguese Non-Habitual Residency status and gain multiple tax benefits. This programme, put in force in 2009, enables foreigners to grow their wealth, and benefit from special conditions. A package which allows Portugal to be one step closer to becoming a tax-free jurisdiction.

    But what are the potential benefits? After applying for this status, you are granted for a period of 10 years, fixed taxation rate of 20%, on IRS labour income obtained in Portugal. if you retire in Portugal and your income is pensions, dividends, royalties and interest you will be exempt from personal income tax. Self-employed or employment income obtained abroad will also be eligible for exemption in accordance to the convention of double taxation signed with the country in which the revenue was obtained or if the criteria of employment falls under article 18 of the IRS code.

    How do you apply? If you have not been a resident in Portugal for the past 5 years, you simply register, at your local Ministry of Finance office, as a tax resident in Portugal. There you will obtain a tax number which will require you remain in Portugal for a period of 183 consecutive or non-consecutive days. If your circumstances do not fit these requirements, proof of intent on keeping residency such as acquiring property and having this address as a habitual residency will satisfy the requirements. Following this procedure, a request for a non-habitual resident status can be made electronically on the treasury website. 

  • Algarve property for sale,portugal property,portugal property guide,algarve property guide,Algarve Realestate

    Portuguese Golden Visa

    Building for the future. The Portuguese government has been actively reforming policies to promote and support inward foreign investment to encourage economic development and growth. New reforms provide investment incentives through capital transfers, job creation and/or acquiring of real-estate.

    A Portuguese Golden Visa grants eligibility to foreigners who visit the country regularly and are holders of Schengen Visas or are visa exempt. A Schengen visa is a document issued by the appropriate authorities within the 26 countries that are bound to the agreement.

    What are the Golden Visa Requirements? In order to apply for this special visa you will need to, for a minimum period of five years, carry out investment activities as a sole provider or as company owner and fulfil one of the following obligations:

    • Acquire real-estate over €500K

    • Transfer capital over €1M

    • Create minimum of 10 jobs

    • Support artistic production, recovery and maintenance of cultural heritage in excess of €250K

    • Fund scientific and technological activities in excess of €350K

    • Invest in urban rehabilitation in excess of €350K

    Company sole proprietors and individuals who invest in real estate, in Portugal, in excess of €500K, will be required to demonstrate ownership of the property, which can simply be done through the provision of their promissory contract.

    Residency permits for investment activities can be obtained online through SEF (Foreign Service and Borders). To qualify you will need to prove you have resided in Portugal for a minimum period of 7 days, consecutive or nonconsecutive, in the first year, and 14 days for the following years.



  • Algarve property for sale,portugal property,portugal property guide,algarve property guide,Algarve Realestate

    Sephardic & Jewish Ancestry

    Citizenship for Sephardic and Portuguese Jewish descendants.

    The 15th and 16th century marked an end of religious freedoms Portugal had known for centuries and the beginning of influences from the Inquisition. Resulting in Jews being persecuted and expelled from the Iberian Peninsula, for not converting to Christianity. In 2015, to correct this injustice, the Portuguese government, reclaimed, in the name of the inquisition, a law granting Sephardic Jews of Portuguese descents the opportunity to apply for Portuguese nationality.

    Eligibility does not require living in Portugal or speaking Portuguese, applicants do however need to prove ancestry.

    What are the benefits?

    Applying for Portuguese nationality, based on return to your Jewish spiritual homeland, and Sephardic heritage, providing fulfilment of requirements, you will gain free access to the European Union.

    This process takes approximately 6 months, and when complete you will obtain a travel visa, which enables access and free movement to 155 jurisdictions, providing ability to work, study, and travel to all countries of the Schengen Area. A Schengen Visa is a document issued by the appropriate authorities within the 26 countries bound to the agreement.

    Returning for your Jewish legacy and history, as a Portuguese national you will have access to quality healthcare, education systems, and inheritance benefits, and possibly tax advantages. You will also be granted rights to participate in institutions, elect and be elected.

    What is required?

    Portuguese Jewish Citizenship Applications require the following documents:

    • Certificate proving heritage and descent between you and the Portuguese Jewish community or authenticated documents issued by the Jewish community to which the applicant belongs stating the use of Portuguese expressions and Jewish rights.

    • Full passport

    • Birth certificate

    • Criminal record from the country in which you reside

    Special institutions have also been created to facilitate this process and allow you to reclaim your heritage with the support of qualified professionals.




  • Algarve property for sale,portugal property,portugal property guide,algarve property guide,Algarve Realestate


    Golden beaches, great food, wine, weather and one of the most peaceful countries in the world. These are just a few of the reasons so many relocate to the Algarve. This region of Portugal is also beginning to be recognised for its quality of life and its truly unique contrast between the stunning coastline and the beautiful rural countryside, as well as its many historic attractions.

    There is a generating knowledge that the Algarve holds the potential to be the perfect European retirement destination and for those with interests such as photography, painting, nature watching, walking and other outdoor pursuits. The Algarve is also great for sporty and young at heart personalities, with its accessibility to surfing, golf, tennis, horse riding, kayaking, cycling, hiking, and even extreme sports such as kite surfing, rock climbing and wakeboarding! Faro Airport is only a 3 hour flight (or less) from the United Kingdom, Ireland and many other parts of Europe.

    Faro flights arrive daily throughout the year, with several arrivals and departures each day from airlines during the busiest summer months of July to September. Flights to and from European countries and the Algarve can often be purchased at short notice, and at very low prices.

    The Algarve boasts a fantastic all year round climate, with over 3,000 hours sunshine a year and clear blue skies for most of the year. Algarve weather averages 12 hours of sunshine a day in the summer and 6 hours in the winter. Despite being on the Atlantic coast, the Algarve has a Mediterranean-like climate with mild winters and long, hot summers.

  • Algarve property for sale,portugal property,portugal property guide,algarve property guide,Algarve Realestate


    Our bespoke Property Viewing Trips are our clients preferred way of beginning the buying process.

    Customised to your needs we will go the extra mile to turn your dream of owning abroad a reality. We take you through A – Z; arranging your flights, meeting you at the airport, booking relaxing & comfortable accommodation and showing you what the Algarve has to offer.


  • Algarve property for sale,portugal property,portugal property guide,algarve property guide,Algarve Realestate


    Property investments in Portugal can benefit from a variety of schemes such as Non Habitual Residency and Portuguese Golden Visa. Portuguese banks may also finance between 60-80% valuation price.   

    Determining factors for Portuguese Mortgage qualification:

    Financial strength, property valuation and your income. The bank will require proof of your current earnings such as salary income, dividend payments, investment income, pension income and rental income. This information will help the lender to ascertain if you can comfortably afford monthly costs of your Portuguese mortgage. Banks consider net income of each applicant confirmed by pay/pension slips, tax return and bank statements.

    Existing debts. Lenders will require confirmation by way of a credit report or loan/mortgage statement in order to analyse your monthly fixed commitments for existing liabilities such as mortgages, personal loans and credit cards.

    Employment history. Lenders will require proof of your current employment in form of an employer's reference letter. If you are self-employed a bank will require information about your company, confirmed by your accountant.

    Credit history. Banks will require a credit report from your country of residence (if available) and will also carry out a check with the Bank of Portugal for any existing liabilities in Portugal.

    Property valuation. The bank will commission an independent engineer to value your property.


  • Algarve property for sale,portugal property,portugal property guide,algarve property guide,Algarve Realestate

    Property Management

    Stress free foreign ownership. If you have just purchased your first home abroad and need after sales services, have an existing property to be maintained or looking for income management services from your investment. Professional management services will help make ownership in Portugal a pleasurable and profitable experience. 

    Whether your property investment is a second home or a rental business, you can’t always be near to look after it yourself, this is where professional management services come in. Acting as your eyes and ears on the ground or organising a variety of helpful services to ensure your peace of mind, and that your investment is in safe hands.

  • Algarve property for sale,portugal property,portugal property guide,algarve property guide,Algarve Realestate

    Qualified Expertise

    Experienced professionals trusted by expert investors.

    Real estate investments make up some of life's most expensive purchases this is why selecting a knowledgeable team with an industry recognised reputation and years of experience in foreign property investments is paramount to ensuring confidence in your purchases.

    Ideal Homes Portugal and Ideal Homes International has over 15 years experience, a friendly, multilingual team of qualified professionals with years of international experience.

    We look forward to the opportunity to guide you in finding your Ideal Home and investments. When you're ready to make your purchase abroad, we'd love to hear from you.